Some Cute readers have made me fanart >,<:

Done by Netherwings - She changed account so I redid the link,
again thanks for the picture I really apreciate and its cuteness :3~

Done by Throweggandrun - she gave me the very first fanart of lilithum ever :3 Its adorable thank you >//<
Done by Kanna, aka MonkeyManiac as a christmas-gift of Zen in his precious scarf :3 thank you so much~
Done by my dear Lacriellee, She asked me to color it for her so I did, If you want to see the lineart go here.
Thank you so much for the cute picture of them -^.^-

Comic Art/um drawings


My very first picture of Zen where I actually managed draw him showing his
a bit naughty also funny side.. rawr:3?

Found this junk in one of my folders, let's pray they wont know
we know what they know :<

My gifts to others

My birthday gift to my younger sister she turned 16 ^^