Information about the characters

Zen Alvin -
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Rase: Elf
Job: He is a student, but he also got a timejob at a rockcafè, where he both play in conserts and works as a waitor. Friends: The band, Xangorian...Errr..His parents..
Likes: Music, video-games, draw (mostly scetches), sing, sleep.. Dislikes: Being called 'gay', stupid ass classmates.. And school.
*Personality: -Zen got a bright personality and always shows up with a big smile.
-He arent afraid to share his opinions, and can get really quickly pissed off. So aware.
-He takes his friendship with Xangorian very serious.
-He can be a bit selfish time to time.
-He don't have a girlfriend, even though he should had many.. I mean, come on. He is in a band ffs..
-He is very sensitive and love to show his emotions (dramaqueen)
Xangorian Beyun -
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Rase: Human
Job: Newly got out from priest education, so he is a priest.
Friends: Zen, Desh, Olwen..and that's proberly it.. Likes: Reading, cats, watch horror/romantic-movies, magic, playing piano, snow, comicbooks, Zen..
Dislikes: He doesn't dislike much..
*Personality: -Xangorian is a bit quite person. He is shy, but also very social.
He love to be around people and enjoy company.
-He love to hug/kiss/cuddle with people. He is like a big cat.
-He is weak for cute kittens and animals, or cute stuff in general..
-He aint as weak as he looks like, actually he is pretty powerfull..
-Xangorian is protective, but still very sensitive.
-He easily start blushing or crying.
-Has been secretly inlove with Zen since their childhood.
Deshwitat -
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Rase: Elf
Job: Warlock.
Friends: Xangorian
Likes: Cheapness, alchohol, demons, killing, eating, fighting,flirting,cuteness, teasing..
Dislikes: Lose fights.
*Personality: - Desh is a bit..insane, in many ways..
- He is weak for demonic arts..
-Selfish, untrustable, slightly mean, hyperactive, mystic idiot.
- He is bi. - He looove to argue with his companjong Olwen.
- He got pink goggles, he only use them when.......
Olwen Grey-
Age: 19
Gender: Female (first in the comic???)
Rase: Elf
Job: She's a mage/wizzard
Friends: Xangorian, Deshwitat.. Likes: Apples, dresses, cats (xang in common), food, weapons, humour, romantic stuff, art, music, magic. Dislikes: Deshwitat.
*Personality: -Olwen is the most unlucky person on the entire planet. She always crashes into things and hurts herself..
-She is always very bright and friendly.
-She can transform people into sheeps and pigs!!!!!
-She hate the word 'Demon' because Desh is always rabling about them.
-She get easily jelous.
-She is a seducive, cute biatch and takes that to her advandage..

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